Vintage Styled Shoot

This collaboration was a dream come true as I got to work with two incredible local Lancaster County vendors! The photographer, Alyssa Christine Photography is a favorite of mine and I get excited when we have the chance to work together on an event! The florist, Sarah of Hemlock and Hellebore is a new favorite and she did an outstanding job with the floral arrangements for this shoot!

Sarah is the one who had the original vision for this vintage inspired collaboration. Beautifully, Sarah collected this true vintage silk dress from her mother who had initially found it. Almost like a secret from time past, this gorgeous dress revives and dates back to those roaring 1920s, which was a decade like no other.

Glamorous living contrasted against the rest of society, but gave way to an entirely unique era of style and beautiful things. Splurging and spending money on the frivolous things in life was at an all-time high for those who could afford to “have fun” and “drop money” whenever and wherever they pleased.

Inspired by the era of this dress, Sarah dreamed up a vision of recreating a modernized vintage moment. For a few hours, the four of us (model, photographer, florist, and stylist) traveled back and enjoyed a glimpse of those “big money” days, where the glitz and glam lifestyle was sophisticated in appearance, but flamboyant in action.

We put our creative minds together, and this is the vintage beauty that emerged. I hope you enjoy this travel back to older times as much as we did in creating it for you!

Before I share the gallery of pictures from Alyssa, I want to share the vendor details as well as the details of the modern vintage look I created:

Florist:  Hemlock and Hellebore 

Photographer:  Alyssa Christine Photography 

Location:  Conestoga House & Gardens

Hair & Makeup Artist:  Fearfully & Wonderfully 139

Model:  Payton Becker

A classic vintage-inspired makeup & hair look must include the following to be a truly vintage-styled look:

  • Eyes: Totally matte eye, that is lighter in color, aka matches your skin-tone or a bit lighter (not too much deepening of the crease color). For the crease color you want a matte medium shade brown or gray. It also includes what resembles a cut-crease on the inner lid. You want definition between the lighter lid coloring and the soft crease coloring. Finally, it includes smooth thinly-winged liner on top of both lids.
  • Face: Vintage face makeup also should be mostly, if not entirely matte. You want even full coverage with very faint contour. Your concealer under your eyes should be extremely clear of any fallout and the concealer should be set to give a pristine and flawless complexion. Set the whole face to soften and meld everything together. Finally, you want a soft and rusty blush color, that should again be added with a light hand.
  • Lips: Everything about a vintage look is soft with the exception of the lips! This is the time to go bold. You can use any number of bold lips, but the idea is to be bright and bold (not dark and scary). Reds, raspberries, etc. In our shoot, I selected a raspberry shade that matched some of the florals to help tie the whole look together.
  • Brows: Vintage inspired looks are all about have a pristine and crisp look. Brows are no exception. For vintage-inspired brows you want to fill them in so they are full and the edges are crisp (except for the inner 1/3 of the brow nearest the bridge of the nose). You especially, want the outer 1/3 (nearest the temples) to have clean edges.


  • Hair: There are a lot of different directions you can go with vintage hair. Most vintage styles are either shorter hair that is set in curls or longer hair that is finger-waved. Our model and medium-to-long hair so I chose a style that combined classic vintage styling with the modern updo. For Payton’s style I first curled and set all of her hair so that is would have volume. Then I carefully undid the clips to let down the curls. Once released, I used a fingerwave technique to separate the curls to create horizontal waves. After the waves, I pinned a sleek and simple chignon at the nape with fingerwaves cascading back into the chignon bun. At the hairline, I set the curls so they would create significant volume and vintage-style wave at that part of the scalp. As I styled, I used product to ensure a sleek and fully-connected style.


If you can “check yes” to all of the above, then you are guaranteed to have a perfectly vintage makeup & hair style!

Now for the big reveal and your moment to travel back in time!


I hope you enjoyed your “travels”!


6.9.18 – Grimm Wedding

This beautiful wooded wedding & this couple were anything but grim! One word that comes to mind from Sarah’s day is: JOY. This bride, her girls, and everyone present was so relaxed, happy, & filled with joy – exactly how a wedding day should be!

Sarah & Marty chose a beautiful venue for their wedding festivities. It was a location I had never been to before, but hope to go back to someday! It had an AMAZING bridal suite, which in this industry can be hard to come by.

Rachel Ruhl Photography did an astounding job capturing every detail and special moment of Sarah & Marty’s day! Seriously friends, I think she might just be my favorite wedding day photographer (there, I said it!)! I am not even joking, if you don’t have your wedding photographer yet, try to book this woman because she does not disappoint!!

Due to Sarah’s limited amount of time at the venue to get herself and her girls ready, I brought along my trusty assistant (& sister), Katie, to help the morning run smoothly.

Also, I will totally be over-sharing pictures from Sarah’s day because this bride holds a special place in my heart! We grew up in the same neighborhood together & played as kids…so naturally it was such a treat to be given the privilege of beautifying this gorgeous lady on her wedding day!

Makeup Look Details: Sarah went with a super natural look, we did not even do any false lashes. For her eyes I went with peachy, nude tones that enhanced her complexion coloring. I added some slight shimmer (using one of my favorite Makeup Geek shadows). For her blush, I complimented her eyes by continuing in a monochromatic way, using peach-toned blushes and light-medium contour/bronzing shades. For her lips, we stuck with a neutral nude color, with a clear coat of gloss on top to help pop & seal-in the color!

Next up…hairstyling!

In her hair, Sarah opted to include some small strands of pearls, that were from a dress she wore as a flower-girl in one of her family members weddings. It was the perfect bridal touch of interest and sentiment to complete her style! Highly recommend putting something in your hair to make it extra-special!

Hairstyle Details: Sarah chose one of my favorite styles to date! A seemingly “classic” low-updo but with tousled curls and free-flowing tendrils framing the face & nape. We also included two dutch braids coming around the crown and meeting in the low-bun. Her style was a huge success largely due to her excellent coloring and highlights! This style was perfect for Sarah because her highlights wonderfully enhanced and detailed the braids & tousled curls. To set her hair I used some of my favorite products from Kenra Professional & Design.ME Hair. Kenra hairsprays used: Kenra 13, Kenra 25. Design.ME products used: Puff ME Cloud Mist.

Even though the details are given, I am still going to share some pictures of Sarah & Marty’s couple photos/ceremony photos…because their wedding was just that swoon-worthy (& Rachel Ruhl Photography’s photos are just too pretty not to share)! Enjoy!

Happy marriage Sarah & Marty Grimm! It was a JOY to be a part of your day, may your life together be long & sweet!

Fearfully & Wonderfully,

2.24.18 – Hostetter Wedding

When Janelle’s wedding photos came back from the ever-talented Alyssa Christine Photography I was giddy with excitement!

Why? Because this bride’s wedding vision was a dream from her trendy choice of dusty blue lanterns in lieu of bridesmaid bouquets to her extension-styled updo with white floral accents…I was in artistic heaven.

Personally, I love some mood-like colors in images. I feel that it is more realistic and provides more depth and meaning to photographs, which again, is why I was so pumped to be working with Alyssa Christine for this bride’s day!

Alyssa selected the perfect settings for this couple’s portraits and I am so excited to share her captures here with all of you! Not only was Alyssa’s selection excellent for photos, but also her choice went perfectly with my new brand colors (double-win!).

The tan, sage, and gray hues in these photographs are incredibly complimentary, so naturally I did a little happy dance since I am not always so fortunate to have a photographer’s images line-up with my own brand goals!! (Thank you Alyssa!)

Without further adieu, I am going to share some of my favorites of these drool-worthy photos of Janelle’s bright and romantic look!

For details about Janelle’s chosen style & look, scroll past the images for a description of how everything came together.

Getting Ready Makeup:


Total Bridal Look (Makeup):


Total Bridal Look (Hair):


Here are the pretty little details about Janelle’s whimsical, yet classic, wedding day style:

First, a little secret…

Janelle was one step ahead when she came to me for her trial because she already knew that to achieve the full and beautiful upstyle she wanted, she would need to use hair extensions to help fill-in and bulk-up her pretty, but fine hair (P.S. – the best extensions are clip-in extensions, but a post on that later!).

Did you know ?

I offer extensions rental for your big day, at a low cost to you! The extensions I use retail at a $300 value and are the best bridal extensions on the market. BUT since I want you to have the hairstyle of your dreamsand since I realize that most brides – like myself when I was getting married – cannot afford to pay that additional cost – I mean you are already paying for your entire wedding, right?!

Who needs more large expenses?!

In light of this, I am able to offer high-quality extension rental starting at a much lower, more manageable number. If extension rental interests you, talk to me at your trial!!

More information coming about this in the future: STAY TUNED.

As to the rest of Janelle’s hairstyle, we did a low side-bun with big bunches of curls pinned together in the back to create a really romanticbig upstyle! For the sides we kept them simple and swept back in a way that flattered her natural beauty. Then, for the final touches, some greenery and white florals were added to really bring everything together!

For Janelle’s makeup, she wanted a bright and natural look (like almost all of my brides!), which is my specialty! We went with a bright white-pink-hued shimmer on her lids, with the slightest contour in the outer corner using a darker matte-brown shade, thin liner, false eyelashes (of course!), and waterproof mascara!

To complete her look we went with a complimentary long-wearing blush/lip duo based on her natural lip shade, but intensified a little so as to stand out more in her pictures!

Overall, Janelle’s look was flawless on her wedding day and a perfect representation of not only her natural beauty, but also her inner beauty!

Thank you Janelle for choosing me to be your Hair & Makeup Artist on such an important and special day in your life.

Cheers to your marriage!

Fearfully & Wonderfully,